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Here are 8 reasons to start improving the website's SEO

what are you waiting for?

The most important visitor is the visitor that comes from the search engines. is not it!

However, why is this visitor more important?

Because it is simply a targeted visitor and did not accidentally enter your site, but was looking for something, and found your site provides him with what he is looking for.

Here are 8 reasons to start improving the website's SEO
Here are 8 reasons to start improving the website's SEO

But is the issue of your site appearing in search engines randomly, without studying, preparing, and working hard? The answer is no.

Many webmasters and owners know very well the importance of SEO, or what is known as the field of search engine optimization, but some of them may have a belief that SEO will be useful only on the digital side; In other words, it is only useful to be on the Internet, and it can not be useful for business activities on the ground.

So let me ask this question. What are the true benefits of SEO in the life of websites and businesses?

Top 8 reasons to start using SEO
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In this topic, you will learn about 8 reasons that will cause you to change your perception towards the field of SEO, and why you should really start preparing your site properly to achieve your goals, and get more opportunities for your site and your business.

1. Search engines are the main source of your site visits

Free search engine visits, known as Organic Search, are usually a big part of measuring the performance of many sites in general, and therefore the site is configured in a large percentage based on the guidelines of the search engines because it includes many things such as the speed of the site and the user experience and the provision of high-quality information ... .etc.

Those who work in the field of marketing and SEO know that Google has the largest share in the search engine market, it owns approximately 75% of the total market, and 25% for other search engines such as Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and other engines. The other.
 Therefore, the focus on search engine guidelines is often more than others, although this does not diminish the importance of other search engines.

It is known that the search engine Google is the most visited site in the world, as YouTube follows it in the ranking to be the second in the world, and that Google also has the largest and most popular email provider service with more than a billion users which is Gmail.

But what is the benefit of this information?

The benefit, my friend, is that you will find yourself visiting Google at least once per day to search for something, obtain information, or do anything else, and this is supposed to make you think differently for a few seconds, and you ask this question: How many users around the world Visits the search engines on a daily basis?

We are talking about Internet users around the world, and you can imagine that this number is so huge that not trying to benefit from this large number is totally illogical. Therefore your presence and the appearance of your site in the search engines as a reliable source of what you offer. Whether your activity is individual or commercial, this will be in your interest.

2. A large number of users search for the Internet

The number of Internet users exceeded the barrier of 2 billion users, and there are almost 93% of online activities starting from search engines, there are more than 40,000 searches that are done every second, and more than 3.5 billion searches are done every day, and now to ask yourself, how many opportunities Available for your business to appear in search engines? Of course, there are millions of opportunities available to you.

3. Search engine traffic can be converted and utilized easily

The traffic that comes to your site through the search engines is the most traffic that you can benefit from through Conversions. Search engines are at the top of the traffic sources that you can increase your conversion rate with, and a higher conversion rate means your customer base will be larger.

4. SEO is a major cause of increased sales

Search engine optimization is not a subsidiary or complementary matter in the life of websites and commercial activities. Rather, it is essential and necessary in the life of every website and business. And believe me when I tell you that activities or companies that do not have a presence on the Internet lose many opportunities every second.

The SEO field undoubtedly helps you increase your sales, because the visitor that comes from the search engine, as I mentioned earlier, is a targeted visitor. Consequently, he cares about what you offer of products and services, and therefore you must be interested in investing well in the field of search engine optimization, by studying and using the best methods and strategies that help you achieve your goals and increase your sales and get new customers.

5. The SEO field will not cost you much money

Did you know that the SEO field is free?

Yes, my friend is completely free, and you can study this field and implement it yourself. But if you want to get the best results, you will only pay for the specialized companies that do this task for you or pay for search engine optimization services that help you track your site’s performance and help it appear on search engines well. Like the SEO tool from GoDaddy, it can help you attract more visitors to your site by suggesting keywords and following your search engine ranking.

But wait !!

All of this will not cost you much either, as the cost here is much less than the cost of TV ads, newspaper ads, or even outdoor signs in the streets of your city.

6. SEO does not mean creating a paid ad campaign

Some people think that SEO requires paid advertising campaigns, and this is not true. As I mentioned to you previously, this domain is completely free, and you will not have to create paid advertising campaigns.

If your site has effective strategies and a strong ranking in search results, you will not have to use advertising campaigns known as “paid searches” or “Paid Search” or even other advertising campaigns that are paid for with CPM or CPC clicks.

You can use advertising campaigns to boost your site’s position and get more traffic, but as I mentioned earlier you can increase these visits for free without paying any money.

7. Search engines operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Search engines do not sleep my friend, so imagine that you sleep every night and your site works for you.

Of course, you will reach this stage after you get a strong position for your site in the search engines, and be at the forefront in many keywords, and this will make the search engines work for you and promote your site, products, and services while you sleep.

 8. SEO is a long-term strategy

Optimizing your site's visibility in search engines does not happen day and night, and whether you use free methods or paid methods, you must be patient and keep up the good work.

Sites may take 6 to 12 months to reach a good and strong position in search engines if implemented correctly and effective strategies are used. But do not go wrong and fall into the trap once your site leads in many results in the search engines, because this is my friend like the market, there are competitors present and there are new competitors appearing every day, and they want to occupy your place in the search results. Therefore, you must constantly improve your site and update all the information and data that you publish periodically to maintain your site and its ranking.

These were 8 important reasons for you to actually start paying attention to the field of SEO and start studying and using the best strategies compatible with your site, your activity, and the products or services you offer.
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