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SEO content writing rules: Top 5 things to focus on

Smart SEO Writing Tips for Better Content

One of the greatest challenges facing content writers and online marketers is to write content relevant to search engines that is attractive to readers at the same time. Here, SEO or SEO is one of the most misunderstood concepts online.

SEO content writing rules: Top 5 things to focus on
SEO content writing rules: Top 5 things to focus on

However, writing SEO content is not complicated if you consider that the reader comes first, then search engine algorithms follow. First, you have to prepare high-quality content in a healthy language and in a way that the reader will enjoy, then you have to improve this content and develop it to make it easy for different search engines like Google to find it by writing SEO content or what is known in English as SEO copywriting.

The 5 most important things to focus on when writing SEO content

Before we talk about the five main elements of SEO content writing, it is worth noting that you do not need to improve every article on your site for search engines. In some articles, you may have to abandon SEO elements such as keywords, keep it as it is for your audience to read and grow more confident in you, and build a loyal readership. This will help you a lot if you decide to improve your site's ranking on search engines.

The five main elements that you should focus on when writing SEO content are as follows:

1- Address

When you refine a specific article for search engines, you must include the keywords in the title. The closer the keyword is to the beginning of the title, the better. You can also use two different addresses, one for readers to see, and one for search engines like Google or Yahoo. You can use some SEO tools or SEO plugins such as WordPress SEO Plugin to get an additional title for your page in the Title Tag (which are HTML elements that provide information about the topic of a specific web page for both search engines and visitors).

Focusing on mentioning keywords in the title makes sense from a search engine's point of view. The title is the first thing any potential visitor to your website sees. When users search for information using specific keywords, they want to see the same keywords in the same order on the search results page.

Make sure here that the title does not exceed 72 characters, and that the title is fully visible on the search results page, as incomplete addresses may not leave a good experience for users, and reduce access to your site. You can make sure that the length of the title is appropriate and that it will be fully displayed on the Search Engines page through the To the web tool.

2- The Meta Description

The process of writing SEO content involves making the content more elegant, if true, for search engines. This is what the meta description or meta description does in English. This description is the small paragraph that appears under the title on the search results page. After the reader is satisfied with the title that you used, he will look at this small paragraph, which is an example of the content contained in the site, which makes it essential to choose the reader to click on the link to go to the site or not.

Although there is no conclusive evidence that the use of keywords in this section affects the ranking of your site on the search results page, its use is still recommended.

Start the description (Meta Description) with a phrase containing the keywords. Briefly introduce your page. Use this paragraph as a platform to assure the reader that your page is exactly what it is looking for. Make sure that this description does not exceed 160 characters in length to be fully visible on the search results page. You can make sure that the paragraph length is appropriate and that it will be fully displayed on the search engines page through the To the web tool. To be able to create a metadata description, you can use the various SEO plugins and tools that you can add to your content writing system (WordPress or others).

3- The content

For search engine optimization, the content should be primarily and mainly centered on the topic of the Keyword. It is also known that a very short article will have no chance of winning a higher position on the results page than a page with more information. So make sure that the content of your page or articles is at least 300 words. Also, writing the first sentences that include the keywords in bold letters contribute to raising the ranking of your page as well.

4- Keyword Frequency

"Keyword Frequency" means the number of times a keyword has been targeted for content. The "Keyword Density" is measured by calculating its frequency to the total word count. It is common knowledge that keyword duplication affects your site’s ranking on the search results page, unlike the keyword density that does not affect. However, you always need to calculate it until you know how often the appropriate keyword will be repeated.

Note: If the keyword density exceeds 5.5%, you may be condemned to overload the keywords on the site, and penalties may be imposed on your page by Google as well!

5- Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are the primary rule of the Internet. Search engines want to know that you are in good contact with other websites. Many make the mistake of focusing on the search for "backlinks", that is, making other sites promote their site or their page by publishing the link to this page on different sites. They forget the importance of adding hyperlinks to their content, too.

Always remember that adding hyperlinks to your page is just as important as posting your site’s link to other sites, and it plays an important role in improving your visibility in search results.

Here are some tips for adding hyperlinks to your page when writing SEO content:

Add links related to the content you present in the first part of the article (page). Add links to similar pages between approximately 120 words. You can add links either to other pages from your site (Internal Links) or to another site (External Links). Use appropriate words to express hyperlinks, which is what is known as the Anchor Text, that is, the text that the link is placed on, and when clicked on it is moved to a new page or site.

These were the most important elements that you should focus on when writing SEO content, but they only serve as guidelines for the writing process, and you should not forget that your first goal is to provide content that readers find useful and helps them find answers to their questions.

If you focus on these five elements and make sure to write engaging, helpful content, it won't take long for your site to top the rankings on search results pages. Start applying it right away, and don't forget to register on our website to receive all updates.
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