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Paid emails: Business to earn money and top 3 reliable sites

Thanks to the internet, it is now increasingly easier to make money and find jobs that supplement your monthly income. There is nothing rocket science!

According to the business, the principle is quite simple and the job requires very little time and effort. And today I am going to present to you a method for making money that perfectly meets these criteria!

The paid email business consists of opening your inbox and reading advertising emails. Each email you open will earn you a few cents.

You get paid just for opening emails, and nothing more. This job is likely to be of interest to everyone.

So here are some great tips for being efficient and making money with paid email.

The different paid mail businesses

To recognize paid emails, they are sometimes followed by the acronym PTR (Paid to Read).

These emails, therefore, save you money once you access them. However, not all emails are the same. There are different models. Others require going to a link, ordering products, or even going to a site to register.

Specialized platforms offer various activities to Internet users such as cashback, but also contests and paid surveys. Not to mention the new referral system which is a practical concept for making money safely and quickly.

In this type of job, there are some points you need to know to fully understand what paid emails and proposals are. Aside from simple reading, there are also paid registrations, requests for quotes, then sponsorship.

Here are the different businesses to optimize your earnings, choose the paid email that suits you best and choose your future job on the web.

Reading mail

As you might already guess, it's all about making money just by opening and reading. We talk about Paid To read when it comes to clicking on the link contained in the email.

What is important is to be able to make ends meet with simple work. Having an additional income can only be beneficial, even if it is not a big sum. The first thing is to register on a paid email platform, then receive emails, and finally, all you have to do is read the content.

Simple reading is a practice that does not even take half of your day! However, the gains are not significant. The range is between 1 to 4 cents per email.

Paid registrations

With paid registrations, you will have the opportunity to participate in sweepstakes, and earn a lot more money than you might have hoped for.

A registration can bring you a gain of 1 euro. To do this, you just need to correctly fill in the information requested during your registration.

The advantage is that the process is completed in just a few seconds. This allows you to follow up with other emails.

By organizing your calendar in this way, you will succeed in boosting your bank account when the month ends. Besides, paid registrations are now everywhere and there are many offers on the internet.

Quotation requests

Blow up the pot by testing the quote requests on the sites. This service can earn you big money, up to 7 euros, simply by completing a quote request form.

For example, by going online for insurance, getting a quote will save you money.

To get the desired amount, you should complete the quote form without getting confused about the essential points.


This is one of the best options for making money. Thanks to this system, you can make a gain of 1 to 2 euros per godson. Some platforms even have the option of granting bonuses to referrals.

The people to sponsor are easy to find: word of mouth or social networks are effective channels for circulating information.

It’s not that hard to find people who want to sign up for platforms to make money!

The potential gains with paid emails

As for the simple reading, the gain is between 1 and 4 cents per email. And of course, the more the number of mails to read increases, the more the gain becomes consequent.

The calculation of commissions is therefore made from the actions that follow the opening of an email. The gain is considered if it is a question of ordering articles on the internet. The buyer will benefit at this time from large commissions based on his expenses.

The 10 cent emails should be given priority since by accumulating them, you can double or even triple your earnings.

Besides, for paid registrations, the price is approximately 1 euro for each registration.

As we saw above, requests for quotes bring in much more. Thanks to this option, you pocket more than 7 euros per quote.

On Looney, by completing a few quotes, the savings can be up to 25 euros per month. All this to complete a few quotes in a few minutes!

The money made by sponsoring is huge. This is one of the most interesting activities in this area. It allows you to make a gain of 1 euro to 2 euros per person. This is one of the best ways to make money with paid email.

By finding a regular referral on the platform, you will have the chance to make as much money as possible, and earn more than 10 euros on each person.

But how and where to find them? Here are some tips to help you find people to sponsor.

Find sponsors to boost your earnings

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is an effective way to get results quickly. Gather your friends, acquaintances, and explain the concept to them so they can sign up and participate.

Blog creation

Do not hesitate to highlight in your articles the platforms specializing in paid emails. The blog is a great tool to help you publicize your activities.

Put your referral links there, invite your readers to subscribe, and collect your winnings!

The best thing to be successful with your blog is to improve your visibility as well as search engine traffic. To do this, you can for example learn the basics of natural referencing.

Social networks

In the internet age, life becomes convenient. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube are a guarantee for communicating with the outside world and making money while having fun.

It is nevertheless necessary to become familiar with several of these platforms to manage precisely the activities likely to bring in the maximum amount of money on the web and to identify the referrals in record time.

Paid email sites

Of course, there are many paid email sites on the internet today, but some sites are unreliable. I will list the most used and famous platforms for you to be efficient and avoid scams.


If you want to start your business off right, go to Moolineo which is one of the best sites offering all kinds of deals.

This multi-earning platform allows you to explode your fundraiser every end of the month. On the site, we talk about paid emails, paid surveys, but also cashback, sponsored offers ... In general, the payment threshold is 15 euros.


If you want to focus only on paid emails, Gaudin is a great choice. The platform also offers paid surveys.

Among the popular platforms, Gaudin has its place in this list. The remuneration is satisfactory on the site.

Knowing that the withdrawal threshold is set at 20 euros, you have something to make your mouth more comfortable. As for the sponsorship system, you earn 1 euro per referral with commissions if the latter participates in sponsored offers.


You have certainly heard of the LooNea site. The platform is dedicated to paid emails. She suggests different types of activities to collect points and earn money.

Apart from emails, LooNea offers paid surveys, paid registrations, various games, and contests, but also product tests and cashback. You have everything to please yourself!

Paid emails, for whom?

The job is aimed at all age groups. Whether you are retired, young, or unemployed, you are welcome to try this little money-making job on the internet.

Even if you have a stable job, nothing prevents you from taking an interest in other activities to supplement your income.

How to earn even more agents through emails?

Using a few tricks can help you earn even more money. Here are the techniques to adopt:

- Start by creating a mailbox dedicated to paid mails. This will put your emails in order and no longer confuse advertising emails with paid emails.

- In parallel with your daily activities, arrange to find a few minutes to read your emails. You will be more productive with a little organization, which means that your earnings will be greater.

- Refer even more people will only do your wallet good. This method is all the more common in this industry. Social media and blogging will be a great help in identifying your targets.

- Don't expect to get rich with paid emails. It's not about winning thousands of euros. Earning money from this kind of job will not permanently change your financial situation, it is simply an additional monthly income allowing you to treat yourself to little extra pleasures in the month.

Benefits of paid emails

Making money on the internet is easy. Paid emails are one of them. And there are many advantages to this type of job.

It is a job that does not require a full-time commitment. The activity can be done anywhere, or at home, as long as you have access to the internet. No need to go to an office and waste your time in traffic.

With your tablet, computer or smartphone, you can access your emails in no time.

By doing this work, you can save your time. Wherever you are, just have your tablet in hand, and you get paid. On the bus, in a waiting room on your way to your doctor, or warm in your bed, all places are good for finishing your work.

The point isn't to read emails all day long, it's more to make the most of your time into something productive. That is, putting money into your bank account while you are somewhere waiting for your turn, or when you are on public transport.

The emails received are 30 to 40 per day. You will have plenty of time to finish reading them in 24 hours, making the entries, and seeing the advertising videos.

Disadvantages of paid emails

Although paid email is a common practice today, the job is not without risk. Making money on the internet can be inconvenient.

By completing the registration forms on the web, you are communicating data about yourself, which can be used by malicious people.

Companies will not hesitate to call you for many reasons because they have your contact details.

Not to mention the reduction in remuneration imposed by certain platforms. At startup, you will be offered the job at a higher rate, but over time the rate may change.

In paid emails, you will receive links that lead to viewing an advertising video for example. However, you are never immune to the risks of piracy.

Remunerative sites are very present all over the web. This is a good way to make money every month, even if it is not a huge sum. A few minutes a day are enough to make ends meet. With a smartphone, computer or tablet, you have the equipment you need to start making money.

To avoid getting ripped off, it is essential to check if the site you are working for is reliable. A serious platform will not get you in trouble. Consult the list for better orientation, and dive into the adventure!

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